The Human Bubble Ball Mania

June 7 2016, 14:19pm

To this day I am curious who came up with the idea of taking a human and putting him in a bubble ball. But even though I’m an inquisitive type, and I really care about is that much. All I want to say is: bless that guy who came up with the human bubble ball idea.

I took my family to the Human Bubble Ball Mania Park in my hometown. God blessed us with four wonderful children all aged 12 to 15. And this Friday was Mary’s anniversary. Mary is the youngest one of all. And she has been making us to go try these human bubble balls that she has seen on YouTube. I watched some movies of the human bubble ball myself to see what she’s nagging me about. And I instantly realized that I want to try it to.

So what is a human bubble ball? The name says it all. It’s a bubble ball designed for humans. Originally bubble balls were designed for little hamsters to run in. But at one point in time some guy came up with the idea of making this large inflatable plastic balls and she called them bubble balls. Before you use to put the hamster inside these balls, but now you take a human and put him in a bubble ball and you’re ready to roll.

But you need to better understand the concept, because I feel I haven’t described it completely and correctly. The human bubble ball is an inflatable ball around 1 m in diameter made of inflatable plastic which is transparent. It has a similar structure to the Zorbing-Ball. It has an outer ball interlinked with nylon threads to the interior. On the interior of the human bubble ball that are two harnesses. You use these to tightly secure the bubble ball around your torso. Once you are strapped in, your legs are left out turning you pretty much in a bubble ball on feet. Human bubble balls are really hilarious, because they allow you to tumble or roll or float on water and do whatever you imagine.

There are games you can play inside the human bubble ball by yourself or with your family. Personally we tried human bubble ball football. Each of us was given a bubble ball, and once we get ourselves set up we played soccer. Me and two of the kids were on a team, when my wife and two others the other. We had a lot of fun chasing the soccer ball while the rest in our human bubble balls. We bumped into one another and fell on the ground so many times we lost count. Every time we got up, someone else or bump into us and rolling us on the ground once again. It was looking very clumsy but it was so damn fun.

I recommend human bubble balls to anyone who wants to have a good time with her family. I know me and mine had a lot of fun playing with those inflatable human balls. If you want to get yourself your own bubble ball for humans, you should check the Amazon there are a lot of them out there. I was surprise Mary on her next birthday and I will buy one for her. It’s a very fun inflatable toy.

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